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Letter to the Travis Irvine Campaign

To:  David DeWitt (Press Secretary)

I am always happy to see more libertarian candidates in our Congressional races, but in the year 2010 I just don't think there is an excuse for sending out a mass email for anything other than Viagra without an "unsubscribe" link. This is particularly true given that your campaign must be harvesting email addresses from a variety of sources rather than using an opt-in system, since up until today I had never even heard of Travis Irvine nor do I live in Ohio.  There are many services that provide automated mailings that take care of all the list management and unsubscribe mechanics.  Constant Contact has a very nice service.

Since your candidate is a libertarian and, I assume, familiar with the concept of rational self-interest, I will put my suggestion in those terms.  Without an "unsubscribe" link, I am forced to hit the "report spam" button in Gmail.  If enough people do the same, there is a good chance your candidate's email will not be getting through to anyone's email box, even those who are interested.

Email Marketing

My brother-in-law's book, "The Constant Contact Guide to Email Marketing," is doing quite well on Amazon.   After the early spam-crazy days, email marketing has really had to rebuild itself from the ground up.  I am a big believer in it, and can highly recommend his company Constant Contact as a email service.  I have several accounts and have set most of the non-profits I work with on it.  In his book, Eric discusses email marketing in the context of both customer acquisition and loyalty.  With Google clicks going for $2 or more, email remains a great value if done right.

Email Marketing

It was fun to see my brother-in-law's company mentioned in the local paper today.  It was even funnier to see that the newspaper-run web site that screwed up the link to my wife's handbag site did the same with his site.

Eric, my brother-in-law, is the SVP of Sales at email marketing firm Constant Contact.  A while back I was half-convinced that email marketing, at least for quality companies, would die under the spam deluge.  It turns out that this is not the case.  There are many companies and organizations engaging his firm to manage their member communications and customer mailing lists.  I know that there are now several companies I do business with that I have white-listed in my spam filter in order to see their special offers and such (for example, 1-800-contacts does a good job of emailing me right about when I need to reorder, and I always like seeing who is coming to town in the Ticketmaster email).