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NCAA Bracketology Winner

Our winner was Scott Strattner, congratulations!  It was a weird year, obviously.  Scott won despite getting only one team right out of the final four, though that was pretty much par for the course this year.  Here is the top 10:

Leaderboard after 63 games - See full standings
Chris Smith2115
Kevin Spires #23107
Paul Dubuc492
Chuck Jones #2592
Grant Smith #2691
Jimbeaux Evans #2889
Mark Horn / Barack Obama988
Alex Sylvester1088

I managed to come in 61st, or exactly in the middle.  That's actually pretty good since I only got 6 of the sweet-16 right.  I lost, though, to every other member of my family.

NCAA Bracket Challenge Update

Here is the top 10 in the bracket challenge after the first week.  Sadly, both of my brackets are in the bottom half.  Apparently, it is statistically impossible for me to do better than 15th place  (thank God for technology so that hope is dashed and I can no longer fool myself about my future chances).  Even worse, my son made the top 10.  More results here.

Risk %
Kevin Spires #21983126.643
Chuck Jones #23803515.446
Ron Coker4753520.348
Paul Dubuc5733715.846
Mark Horn / Barack Obama671395.451
Chris Smith7703230.945
Kevin Spires8683417.642
Grant Smith #29683146.341
Nic Meyer10673323.741

It is good to see the President take time out of his busy schedule to submit a bracket in our competition.