My Wife Loves Me

She gave me this bourbon Advent calendar today.  A different two-ounce flight each day until Christmas!

  • timworstall

    So, the bigger question for us capitalist types. Advent calendars have rather low sales by the time Christmas comes around. So, where does the overstock get sold at discounted prices?


  • Max

    I get an advent calendar with 24 different Christmas beers, every year. That's thoughtful! Hope you enjoy your bourbon!

  • steamboatlion

    Nah, she's just trying to take advantage of you...

  • kidmugsy

    There's a "movement" in England for using a Reverse Advent Calendar: you put gifts into it and finally hand them over to a charity.

    No doubt such a charming, indeed touching, idea will be politicised until I feel an ungovernable urge to spit.

  • Brad Warbiany

    My homebrew club does this. We each bring two 12-packs of commercial beer of our choosing, and the beers are mixed such that you get a mixed case of 24 individual beers. Basically we make our own beervent calendar.

  • Matthew Slyfield

    Shot bottles? They probably break them down and unload the bottles on hotels for min-bars or on the airlines.

  • stevewfromford

    "My wife loves me" Either that or she likes you soused better than coherent!