You Have to Respect Hawaiian Shirt Friday...

...even if you work alone in a one-person office

  • auralay

    Sorry, but my respect for this blog just nose-dived!
    Is it one of those American rituals, that we Brits find so hard to grok?

  • Joe

    Just fyi, in Hawaii we call these aloha shirts. Left Hawaii ten years ago for Atlanta, but I still maintain Aloha Friday, because #culture.

  • SamWah

    Congrats on the shirt eschewing wahines and skimpily dressed women. It is feminist-safe!

  • SamWah

    Think of it as like unto eating haggis, but without the haggis, so it's way more fun.

  • kidmugsy

    Oi, where's the strand of flowers around your neck? Cheapjack!

  • Craig

    That would be dress-up day in my one-person office.

    In Kauai, I tried the first week of a electric utility rate case before the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission. All parties, including the Commissioners were required to wear Aloha shirts. I had to make a quick trip to a local store to buy a bunch of Kahala-brand shirts. (Not that I'm complaining.)

  • johnmoore

    For me, it's Hawaiian Shirt Everyday, and that was true before I semi-retired.