Get Kindle Versions of My Books Free For A Limited Time

Starting today, through about October 2, the Kindle electronic version will be free for both my books.   This includes my novel BMOC and my short story String Theory.

  • Thanks for the links. I will download and check them out. I will also review them, but have a bunch of free books in my queue, so it could be a couple months before I get to them. Thanks again.

  • Hal_10000

    I'm curious how you get the free option with the short story. I thought you could only do free promotions with KDP select, which requires a $2.99 minimum price.

  • Donald Greer

    So when you gonna finish String Theory? I know it was just a brain dump, but you set up a great little story!

  • Vangel

    Bought them. But thanks anyway.