EEK! Those Power Plants Are Spewing Water Into the Atmosphere!

Yet another media article on CO2 illustrated with steam plumes

Postscript:  This is even funnier, potentially, since given the size and design of those cooling towers, this is very likely a nuclear plant, which of course has no CO2 emissions at all.

Postscript #2:  I tried a reverse image search to try to confirm my guess this is a nuclear plant.  This is what Google returned:


That will give you some idea how often the media has used this stock image of water vapor to illustrate CO2 articles.

  • abe

    DHMO ! We are all Doomed! It is in our air we Breathe! Obama Save Us !

  • Matthew Slyfield

    Please don't give him ideas, he might actually try it.

  • Jerryskids

    That's the Boxberg Power Station in Germany - it is indeed a coal plant and even though it's been down-sized and retro-fitted to be as clean as possible it's the European poster child for "dirty energy". The CO2 reference you found was probably due to Greenpeace occupying the plant and hanging a bunch of "Stop CO2" banners back in 2008. It's a case of the enviros demanding it be shut down and replaced with clean energy even though there's nothing that can scale economically. They're demanding unicorn farts.

  • Not Sure

    Headline: "Earth's CO2 levels have permanently crossed the 400ppm threshold"
    Article: "According to climate scientists, it is extremely unlikely that the planet will ever drop below those levels again in our lifetimes."
    Extremely unlikely in our lifetimes = permanently?

  • joe

    both molecules have 1 atom of oxygen - its all the same - just ask any scientist - especially a climate scientist - they are absolutely infallable

  • abe

    He IS trying it !

  • ano333

    Ironically, water vapor is also a greenhouse gas according to NASA. Still doesn't make sense to have pics of water vapor on articles about CO2 though...

  • Jason Calley

    The ultimate irony will happen when the greenies, worried about H2O greenhouse pollution from the oceans, propose massive oil tanker spills to seal off the sea from evaporation.

  • Hal Duston
  • niccolom777

    Here is another shot of the power station taken by the same photographer. More info on the plant here

  • Jason Calley

    "Extremely unlikely in our lifetimes = permanently?"

    The way the MSM report things, "will last more than two years = permanently"!

  • obloodyhell

    Well, water vapor IS a GHG.... LOLZ.