New Star Wars Trailer

This looks encouraging.

AT-ATs are back!

  • joshv

    Aw crap, they're going to blow up another death star? Christ, can we please quit with the super weapons?

  • niccolom777

    I believe this is the original Death Star.

  • Jaedo Drax

    no, this is the movie where they steal the plans from the "Department of Impractical Superweapons That Get Built Due to Bureaucratic Inertia" TM

    Examples may include: Droid Mothership, Deathstar 1, Deathstar 2, F35, StarKiller Base, and whatever thing they come up with in Episode 9.

  • Because telling the same story over and over, but with more gay, is riveting!


  • Bram

    So this is a prequel to the original Star Wars?

  • Chris Nelson

    Maybe Disney could outsource the writing to some folks that can be a bit more original? They already have outsourced everything else...

  • Robin


  • Mondak

    You had me at at

  • Mike Powers

    AT-ATs are back, and they are BLASTIN' mothafuckas! None of this "oh the bolt hit nearby, the concussion killed me and I just slump over"; no, we're talkin "all the water in your body flashes instantaneously into steam and you vaporize"!