Finally, The First Reason I Have Been Given to Vote Trump

  • HenryBowman419

    Well, Warren, talk is cheap, as you likely know. But, the title to your post was exactly what I thought, as well.

  • oneteam

    If we can up it to 50%, I'd donate and go door-to-door for the guy.

  • Earl Wertheimer

    You Americans would still be on the hook for their pension benefits. Just make sure they don't move up to Canada. We have enough bureaucrats...

  • SamWah

    If they quit, do they get to keep pension bennies? Many hope NOT.

  • irandom419

    I know, stuff like that almost makes me want to vote for a Democrat like Trump.

  • Not Sure

    Nice to think it could happen, but in the immortal words of Dr. Raymond Stantz...

    "You don't know what it's like out there! I've worked in the private sector. They expect results."

    Those government workers aren't going anywhere.

  • gr8econ

    And I'll help.