My Favorite Personal Pumpkin Effort

Pumpkin1   Pumpkin2

I traced a world map on the pumpkin, and then thinned the pumpkin skin in the land masses without cutting all the way through.  Since there are no holes, you will need an electric light to illuminate it.

  • Stan

    Did you thin the "landmasses" from the inside or the outside? I assume outside because, well it seems pointlessly difficult to try from the inside, but then I cannot really see any indentation one might expect by carving from the outside. If from the outside, how deep did you go?

    I know you rarely/never comment here, Warren, so perhaps someone with similar experience would be kind enough to let me know. Thanks in advance.

  • skhpcola

    That's awesome! Not a bit Halloweeny, but neat all the same.

  • lowcountryjoe

    That's really cool.

  • lowcountryjoe

    I've never done this but I imagine if you were careful and estimated the depth of the skin, you could have a router do this.

  • Sera

    And in a couple of weeks, when it starts to spoil, you can call it "Keynesian Earth".

  • Nehemiah

    Global warming alarmists should use this for their logo.

  • coyoteblog

    Yes, the outside. Life would be too short to do it from the inside.