Beware of Scam Calls From (816) 420-4632 or (866) 680-8628

I post this not because the odds are high any of you readers have had this issue but I want these numbers to be found on an internet search.

Both numbers were leaving a message saying they were from "Citi" or "Citicard" calling about my account (and that it was not a sales call).  Since I have no Citicorp credit cards or accounts of any type, and since they were calling a Google Voice number that I would never have put on an account (in fact don't even really use), I was totally suspicious.  When I called them they asked for my account number.  I said I did not have one but was calling to see what kind of scam they were running.  They said they were from Citicard and don't do scams, but could I give them my phone number.  I said I had to look it up, because they were calling a Google voice number I never use.  The moment I said that, they hung up on me, the universal indicator of a scamster giving up.

Update:  There is a legitimate Citi group with the same name.  It sounds to me that these folks at the numbers above are recording the legitimate Citi greeting replaying it on their lines.  But then their physical operator answers the phone completely differently than does the legitimate Citi operator.  The Citi group being spoofed is this one.

  • Matthew Slyfield

    The calls that annoy me the most are the ones where you pick up and get a computer voice asking you to "please hold for an important phone call".

    I got revenge on one of those once, I put it on hold and walked away from the phone. Took a good 10+ minutes before the call was disconnected from the other end.

  • ErikTheRed

    Many of these scam calls forge caller ID and / or ANI information, so they can be coming from almost any number.

  • Matthew Slyfield

    So true, the two funniest Caller IDs I have seen are "Not In Service" and "SCAM" (an honest scam artist? WTF?)

  • Bram

    I stopped picking up the phone for calls my caller ID can't identify long ago.

  • ErikTheRed

    My favorites are the ones from numbers that are obviously fake - like where the area code or exchange starts with a 0 or 1. I can filter than on our phone systems; I wish there was a way to do that on my cell phone.

  • c_andrew

    Waay back in the dark ages of land lines (mid 80's) we had a robo-caller that would dial our business lines in sequence because they were consecutive numbers. It usually happened about 1 time per week. We'd do the same thing; pick it up and then put the robo on hold.
    It would take him nearly an hour to work through our 4 lines. He was still doing it 3 years later when we closed the doors.

  • Harry

    For the past three years I have gotten phishing robo calls from Rachel, Bridget, Carmen, and others saying this is my final notice to bite. Until just today, the robo voice has urged me to take advantage of "the financial stimulus," suggesting that there is some handout forthcoming from Obama, similar to the ads on the Weather Channel to take advantage of HARP, which Obama "passed".

    Today's call was the first male voice, and evidently the marketing plan has changed. They make no mention of The Stimulus. Could it be that they have decided that after QEForever, Obamacare, Benghazi, Lois Lerner, "dude,..", and the fall of Mosul, that they have decided not to associate themselves with a loser?

  • alohasteve

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  • marque2

    Losers - Obama's plan is brilliant To forget about Obamacare, he got the VA scandal going, and so we forget about that he did the Bergdol trade, and to forget about that, he announced that he was going NAZI on Carbon which people hated, but quickly forgot because of the new policy of encouraging children to illegally immigrate which was forgotten because of the Iraq collapse and new collaboration with the Iran.

    He is able to do everything he wants because we forget the last scandal in a week because of the next scandal going on. And even if someone does remember - any complaints are racist.

  • 1ofnvpeople

    has anyone ever heard of an enforcement action based on marketing or scamming calls made to a number on the 'do not call' list?

  • Stacy Cofield

    Thank you for posting this! I have been getting calls from the 1st number but I don't pick up.

  • anonymous

    Today I got a call from this same #816-420-4632. Except this time they pretended they were calling from Civil Rights. Beware!

  • mv

    Nice job. I received a fishy message from this number and found this post. I called Citi to confirm. Its a scam.

  • Guest

    Just to let you know.....I have been getting calls and texts from this phone number and it's December 2014. It's still out there.

  • RT

    This number has been calling me every day, twice a day at the same exact times. I ignore it every time but now its starting to piss me off.

  • Frankie

    I've gotten 2 calls from this number today...who works on New Year's Eve day???? They say they need to verify that I am me before they can tell me who they are. Because it's so personal. Legit businesses will say the name of the company at least. They called 3 times yesterday. I wish I had a blocker or a spam file like in email. This is bordering on harassment.

  • Brandon Kraft

    I contacted Citi and asked about 816-420-4632. That is a number associated with their payments & collections department. Still shady as hell. Need to drop Citi.

  • D

    816-420-4632 is not a number associated with Citi. Check for contact numbers.

  • Hicks

    Just got a call from this number. The person who called asked for the wrong name and gender, then, refused to give the name of the company she was calling for. I refused to identify myself as she could not read/pronounce my name and assumed the wrong gender. You don't call my phone and refuse to identify for whom you work if it is for business.

  • guy

    It's legit people. It is part of citi but like a retail store card

  • JJ

    Thank you for posting. I was also receiving these calls frequently & not answering. I did become concerned given I do have a few Citi affiliated cards. However when I finally answered they wanted me to make a payment on a Dell card (which I don't have). They then asked if I wanted to pay on my other account which will be due "right around the corner"
    I told them I don't pay anything over the phone & promptly hung up on them. Thanks for the heads up