Yet Another Reason I am Short Facebook

via Maggies Farm

In addition, some smart people are saying the WhatsApp acquisition for a bazillion dollars makes sense, but I can't help feeling like it is the late 90's all over again.

update:  Apparently unlike most all other major online advertisers, Facebook terms and conditions do not allow 3rd party click audits.

  • jdgalt

    I suggest this scandal be called Faceplant.

  • Elam Bend

    I view the WhatsApp purchase as more like Yahoo buying AliBaba. WhatsApp has tons of users in parts of the world that FB cant penetrate (because WA works on non-smart phones). It will likely grow at a good rate also, thus floating any possible decline of FB.

  • skhpcola

    At least there's some entertainment value in FB, although I don't use it. I did use the What'sApp app last month when my girlfriend was in Europe, because somebody had convinced her that it was a killer app. I used it, but perhaps I don't understand the benefits of doing so. It's just as simple to send an email over wifi and arrives at the same time as a text on WA. I removed the app after she returned and have no plan to install it again.