Most Common Book Title?

I have no data on it, but "Dust" must be up there somewhere.  Was looking for a book of that name and found five zillion different ones on Amazon.

  • SkepticalCynical

    Don't do it! You'll really be happier with the series if you stop after Shift. You pretty much know the full story, and you'll probably like the resolution in your head better.

  • Sol

    Elizabeth Bear's Dust is a fine science fiction so high-tech it's almost fantasy story along the lines of Roger Zelazny and Gene Wolfe.

  • Joshua Vanderberg

    Looking for Hugh Howey I assume

  • davesmith001

    I'm reading Dust of the wool series right now. It has its ups and downs, but I've enjoyed the series so far.

  • Russ R.

    You'll probably find that the vast majority of those are used books that describe the condition of the "dust cover".

  • herdgadfly

    Dust by Hugh Howey here.