Coyote Blog 9 Years Old Today

My first post was on September 29, 2004.    Thanks for the support over the years.  Those first few months were bizarre, and felt like lecturing to an empty room.  6266 posts with 54,901 comments, which probably makes me solidly mid-size as far as blogs go.  I have no idea any more how many readers I have -- page views lost all meaning in the era of RSS feeds and with Facebook and Twitter, it's even more difficult to track.

  • Martin

    Thanks for an amazing blog! I've learnt a lot and had great fun doing so.

  • Georg Thomas

    Congratulations. For years part of my daily intake. Thank you ever so much, Georg Thomas, your fan from Germany.

  • NRG

    Happy Birthday, and please keep it up. I for one am an RSS reader, so you can add one to your page views for me. 😎

  • Mike

    Happy Birthday from another RSS reader!

  • Arthur Felter

    I thought I saw somewhere in Google Webmaster Tools that showed number of blog subscriptions...

  • Thruppennybit

    Congratulations on your milestone, and thanks from the UK for your very readable, thought-provoking blog.

  • Peoples Amendment

    Congratulations! You bring a fresh perspective to so many topics. Way to go!

  • mesocyclone


  • Craig L

    Keep it up!

  • norse

    Thank you and congratulations. Your posts are consistently interesting, well argued and informed. Kind of offsets my despair at the state of contemporary journalism 🙂

    Happy Blogging-Birthday!

  • John White

    and thanks from NZ. I often link to your articles about light rail, as here in Wellington there is the usual crazy proposal to put in a light rail link, for a city of approx. 400,000