I Am Going To Frame This And Put It On the Wall for the Times My Wife Is Ready to Kill Me

"I wish I had ended up with a Princeton man"


  • Sean

    It won't work. In fact, unless your wife also went to Princeton, it will get you deeper in trouble.

  • That definitely won’t work if anyone within earshot shouts “Krugman!”

  • Jokes aside, her observations about the relative intellect of men and where they can be found, is shockingly obtuse for an "educated" woman.

  • Bram

    I like how this snobby b&^$ blames her divorce on her superior intellect. I bet her ex has a very different recollection.

  • My comment on this mess is to point you to FredOnEverything and his post about marrying abroad... You'll thank me.


    While you're there, read more, he's really great.

  • Jim Hodge

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  • SamWah

    I have an old AF friend who married a Japanese girl (divorced him at ~ 20 years), and later a Russian he met on the internet (~4 years). I think he won't marry again.

  • obloodyhell

    Yeah, one thing **I** learned in HIGH SCHOOL was that there are other types of intelligence than that from "IQ". I have a genius-level IQ, and my HS gf was only about 110, not shabby but not genius, either... but she could hold her own in any discussion just by taking a tack I was utterly unprepared for. Versatility of thought process (i.e., "out of box thinking") should not be under-rated, but it's not measured by IQ tests.

  • obloodyhell

    LOL, I mentioned Krudman in much the same way on here:
    I went to Princeton, Bitch!

  • obloodyhell

    She conflates intellect with intellectualism. They aren't the same but snob intellectuals don't know the distinction, usually. Lots of intellectuals out there who are too dumb to pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were printed on the heel.