Cardinals Make A Mess of Choosing Their New Leader

No, not the Pope.  The AZ Cardinals QB.   Anyone with some high school experience might want to send in a resume.

  • Tim

    Stanton was pretty good at Michigan State; he didn't fare well with the Lions. The very first thing 'offensive genius' Mike Martz did was mess with his throwing mechanics. Good or bad, it set him back.

  • There's very, very little I know about sports, but I know enough to have gotten a chill down my spine when I clicked that article and saw that Lions uniform.

  • Jim Hodge

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  • drobviousso

    Stanton isn't as bad as his reputation. He's no like Kurt Warner, secretly excellent but no-one noticed good, but he's not as a bad as his worst moment running out the back of the end zone.

    Could be worse. The Jets look like they might be starting Kolb week 1....