Global Warming Hits Phoenix



Is Al Gore in town?

  • Global warming? All that white stuff must be dust from the surrounding area. 🙂

  • James H

    If we have much more global warming, I'm gonna need snow chains. The payoff of living through death-hot summers is supposed to be beautiful winters. This global warming is killing the quality of life here. We need to find a way to make the earth cooler so that we can have warmer winters here! Seriously, major traffic issues on US60 due to snow!

  • Larry Sheldon

    Al Gore is everywhere oil is being used.

  • norse

    Aw, and just when I was toying with the idea of maybe visiting AZ for some sun...

  • One word for this posting -- Classic!

  • I have a feeling this is Cave Creek or similar environs. No snow actually hit Phoenix proper. But your point is still a funny one. 🙂

  • Thruppennybit
  • If Al Gore could just keep his mouth shut for one entire year, wait and see if a hot summer is followed by a cold winter, he might gain some credibilty. Naaah.

  • ap

    We got plenty of sleet in Mesa, near MCC last night. A similar picture could have been taken there, at 1200 ft elevation.

  • mahtso

    Mr. Sherman

    You are mistaken and there was snow in Phoenix; I saw it at my house and my roommate has photos of snow on the light rail tracks along Central (in the "middle" of the city)

  • nehemiah

    Just returned from Tucson, (live in FL). Water pipes into homes were freezing and bursting. Those neat little cascading fountains were freezing solid. Very cold.

    Yesterday the Accenture Golf Tournament was delayed to allow the snow on the fairways to melt. Nearly 3" fell at Dove Mountain Resort (Marana, AZ).

    Y'all can thank me, I've been selling carbon debits for a couple of years now. Seems to be working.

  • marque2

    Ooh, sell that stuff to the Eskimos (or Inuit as they seem to be called today)!

  • obloodyhell

    They'll have Nunavit and like it!!

  • FelineCannonball

    The distinction the weather service used was that it was not snow but graupel (soft hail). A mixture of snow and supercooled water. I guess the weather services has fewer distinctions for this stuff than the Inuit, but more than the average American in the southwest.