I Would Love A Place Like This

  • Kathy Soja

    Yes, YES. I know what you mean.

  • Engineer Bob

    Call me old fashioned. I like this.

  • Greg

    I wouldn't think you could leave those windows open very long. The humidity in the forest would make those books damp pretty quickly!

  • Not enough shelf space!

  • Aside from the horrific architecture and the fact that thanks to e-readers I will never have to deal with so many physical books... oh hell, yeah!

  • sch

    If the other 9500 presumably physical and not virtual books, along with a 6x8 bathroom, are down below it doesn't
    leave much for a kitchen/dinette/bedroom. Looks more like a detached building for romantics who don't mind tromping out to
    the library through snow, but live somewhere nearby in a more realistic home with a real kitchen, bedrooms and
    adequate storage and a garage. Be interesting to know the $/sf cost also.

  • sch

    A bit of research indicates it is indeed an outbuilding and the lower level is a book storage
    with a stair and ? bath but no other facilities. It was built 7-10 yrs ago.

  • Barbara S. Meyer

    I'm old enough to have used outhouses. But, never one like this! It's great.

  • Barbara S. Meyer

    P.S. I meant to add that all we had to read for the SearsRoebuck catalog.

  • Genie

    How about a place to read AND eat! Here's my ideal place today.


    Or inclement weather


  • chuck martel

    It looks like an alternative prop from "2001: A Space Oddysey", a replacement for the black monolith.

  • Bobo


  • Be wary of trying to instal heavy construction in the midst of trees. It's very easy for the equipment and the process of construction to doom nearby trees, even though it may take years to actually kill them.

    Oh, and while the basic idea is nice, it somewhat resembles a WW II pillbox or similar defensive fortification. What passes for architecture these days is truly sad.

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