99-cent Book Experience, Day 1

Well, it may only be a short-term kick driven by you fine readers  (my thanks) but yesterday in the first day at the 99-cent price point I sold fifty copies of BMOC and jumped to number 2067 in the sales rank.  Since my main goal is to be read, rather than make money, this is great.

  • Jeremy

    I don't have a kindle but had considered getting the free app for my blackberry for some time, mostly to read while I was standing in line. When I saw your post I decided to pull the trigger. So I got the app, downloaded the free Wealth of Nations and bought your book.

  • Brian


    I check out the blog (somewhat routinely) and I remember you having mentioned this before - the character's business of using popular youths to push products is an interesting one.

    For 99c it's a definite check-out, so I've added it to the iPad. Thanks!

  • Mark

    Any chance BMOC will be coming to the Nook?

  • Don

    Mark, if you get Marketplace going on the Nook, you can download the Kindle app. This is reported to work on the Color Nook, I don't know about the black&white version (and my wife won't let me play with it to find out ;^).

  • Bill

    I purchased the paperback when it first came out and enjoyed the story. I thought it would be useful to have the ebook version, and at the same time support the Coyote Blog which I've enjoyed for many years. Really, not a hard decision!

  • The Kindle app does not support Linux. (I'm aware I can try it under WINE) Have you considered publishing your book using Google's Ebooks?

  • ElamBend

    I read an interview last week of an online author who found that his sales of kindle books went up 20x when he went from $2.99 to $0.99

  • Paul Ralley


    I was hoping you may do this sort of price one day, I've enjoyed your blogs for years, but felt £15 was a bit much for the paperback.

    UK readers note - available on amazon.co.uk and can be read on a PC with their free Kindle for PC application.

    Looking forward to it.

  • epobirs

    What better way to be widely read than to gather a little money at a time from a large number of people. It is the metric that comes before all others.