Nice Satire

If you want some enjoyable satire this Friday, this is a nice piece from Ken at Popehat, who has gone the libel tourism route by using French courts to sue a US editor for a bad review of a US book by a US author.

The article becomes all the sweeter as a recent email he received raises the possibility that this particular academic completely missed the heavy-handed irony and satire.

  • anoNY

    The post implies that it is Ken who is suing the author of the review. This would just make his satire all the better, and I implore you not to change it!

  • Henry Bowman

    Actually, the editor is U.S., the actual reviewer is German, the plaintiff is Israeli (possibly U.S., as well), and the court is French. The review only appeared online (I think), and I do not know where the web server was located. More discussion over at VC.