Your Five-Word Party

Apparently, independent candidates in Wisconsin can identify themselves with a 5-word description of what they are about.   Tragically,  one woman was not able to use "NOT the 'Whiteman's Bitch,'" but I would love to see what you would use if you were running.  I am still thinking about mine, but if I really wanted to get elected, "10 dollars for every vote" might be effective.  Post yours in the comments.

  • I'm torn between "Keep your freedom and money" and "Screw you guys; going home".

  • I only need two: "Limited government."

  • SB7

    "I don't kick puppies."

  • Toy surprise inside!

  • JC

    "Don't fuck the first amendment."

  • Master of Obvious

    I'm with stupid. Doh.

  • Max

    "Save the poor little Children" - always works =) It is so successful that this Eurovision Song Contest banned puppies and children from the stage 😉 If it works in Entertainment, it will work in politics =)

  • William Bruce

    "Now for something completely different!"

  • MicroNomics

    "A pot in every bowl"

  • Individual Liberty and Individual Responsibility

  • perlhaqr

    "Decimated Civil Service, Day One"

  • marco73

    "End of the free lunch"

  • ElamBend

    Million dollars for every vote...
    when has a politician every really come through

  • Fred

    Politician: I steal your money.

  • hollymartins

    The dingo ate your baby.

  • gn

    "Tax the other guy!"

  • MJ

    "No more hope and change"

  • MJ

    "Up with people!"

  • MJ

    "It's all my predecessor's fault."

  • Andrew


  • Chris

    Who is John Galt?

  • caseyboy

    I'd rather be fishing!

  • Dr. T

    I will fire worthless bureaucrats.

  • Logan

    Will not govern if elected.

  • happyjuggler0

    I'm libertarian, pro-choice on everything.

  • tomw

    Watch this!

  • Craig

    I am not a crook.

  • "Leave me the hell alone"

  • Mark

    Look, y'all gotta have some Preferred Species if you're gonna make it work. Something like:

    Si, se puede - yo' momma!

  • txjim

    "Free gas, free beer; bail covered"

  • txjim

    doh I can't count!
    lets try "free beer, no cover charge"

  • LowcountryJoe

    "Feeling altruistic? Good. Write check!"

  • I'm unemployed--please elect me!