Remember, Nicolai, Miles to go Before I Sleep.

Every once in a while, something occurs in the real world that will help thousands of movie audiences continue to suspend disbelief.  Today's story:  Russian sleeper agents in America.

  • DrTorch

    Eh. Probably better allusions than that.

    Even the Greenwoods, from Vertigo's Fables, match up better.

  • So that explains the New York Times Editorial Page.

  • Doug

    "...the operation that can activate 51 human time bombs."

    I think that about explains this entire Obama phenomenon, doesn't it?

  • DMS

    It's a great story but a couple of things are dodgy, like the "smoking gun" email; it basically says "don't forget to be a spy, using the techniques we taught you, and send the info back to moscow". WTF? What "spymaster" would write that and what spy would need it?

    It will be interesting to see what emerges.

  • ElamBend

    What about "No Way Out"

  • What is left to steal? All our industry is in China.

  • Mourn

    Cilla, that's a much repeated untruth. American manufacturing by itself is the 3rd largest economy in the world.

  • DrTorch

    Stalag 17. That's what I was trying to think of. (Although the Greenwoods work as well.)

  • The Russians inherited a whole bureaucracy devoted to running sleeper agents. You can't expect all those bureaucrats to stop what they were doing and get real jobs.