Hey, I Got a Writing Gig

At Forbes.com.  Just what I needed, another deadline very week.

  • Douglas von Roeder

    CoyoteBlog is one of my daily "must reads" and your climate change presentation was top notch, as well.
    Best wishes for this new venture.

  • LowcountryJoe

    Congratulations on getting that gig. Anytime someone with [what I consider] solid views gets a bigger platform, I think it's great.

  • Jim Clay

    Congratulations, Warren.

  • me

    Awesome! I couldn't be happier. More Americans hearing (well, reading) a voice of reason every so often is bound to have some net positive impact. Thank you 🙂

  • ElamBend

    Good news for all of us

  • Dave

    Congratulations! Please post a link here when a column of yours goes on-line. 🙂

  • Joe OC

    I'm not surprised. I am a daily reader of this blog and a subscriber to Forbes, both excellent reads.

  • Congratulations on the gig!

  • Congratulations on taking the Boeing! Who knew there was a future in blogging?...

  • Doug

    Congrats. I've been a fan of Forbes ever since they introduced me to Thomas Sowell. Now I have one more good reason to read them.

  • Congrats!

    Now, just don't wring about immigration 😉

  • txjim

    Good on ya Warren! Raising my morning coffee in a toast to your success.

  • Awesome news, congrats, but honestly man I thought you were older.

    If life send you to NC look me up since we never had a beer while I was in AZ.

  • anon

    Congrats, and I second the request for notice in this blog when each of your columns are published on the internet.