Keystone of Western Civilization

One terrorist nuke here would bring western civilization close to collapse.  Via Maggies Farm

  • ben

    Link is blank.

  • Bob Weber

    You're right. Try this one

  • David Y

    Now THAT is good stuff. Thank you!

  • LoneSnark

    I disagree. Enough previously produced material from the un-nuked area could be brought in to restore production of same material before we ran out. It can be used to fix anything, no matter how devastated.

  • nom de guerre

    velcro. we'd still have velcro, and the terrorists would know that We Are Not Afraid.

  • Elliot

    All the King's horses and all the King's men...
    But they didn't have Duct tape!!!

  • AvidPilot

    One of the world's greatest duct tape repairs is documented here: