Why I Don't Want to be Young

I suppose we all fantasize about being a teenager again.  One reason not to be young again:  My son's high school soccer team played at 4PM the other day in Phoenix.  Game time temperature:  114F.

  • LoneSnark

    Soccer is optional, even for teenagers.

  • Mont

    Not to mention all the debt young people are getting saddled with by the Oligarchy.

  • Yeah, but it's a dry heat.

  • Wait, why isn't that filed under, "Why I don't want to live in Phoenix"? As an ex-Phoenician myself, it always makes me feel better about 100 degree heat in Pasadena, CA.

  • Michael

    Maybe next year they can play in the Phoenix Coyotes old arena.

  • nom de guerre

    i believe mr. jenkins said it best when he wrote of soccer: "how can you trust a sport where they don't fall on a loose ball?" still, it *is* fun to watch them faint/drop to the ground/scream in agony when an opposing player touches them. like some weird kind of acting-athletics hybrid.

  • Allen

    So you noticed the players falling in agony when an opposing player touches them but you've never noticed a goalkeeper falling on a loose ball?

  • epobirs

    I'm pretty sure when I was a teenager my thought would have been that the only sane activity in 114 degree heat would the pursuit of air conditioning or a cold bath.

  • model_1066

    Back in my day, we played hockey outside at minus 30 and I don't recall anybody complainin'!

    And you damn kids get off my lawn!

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  • Rob

    I wouldn't want to be a teen. I want to go back to my college years!

  • The real difference of course is that teenagers can take it. I remember running around in the summer in 90+ temperatures and 90+ humidity in the Midwest, and it just made me really thirsty.

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