And the Winner Is...

Jeff Charleston, who went nearly wire to wire to win.  Here is the top ten, which yours truly finally managed to crack for the first time.  I picked the fewest correct games, by far, of anyone in the top 10 but got a lot of upset correct and thus scored a bunch of bonus points.  Memphis fans have to be squirming today.  I almost didn't watch the last 2 minutes of the game -- Memphis seemed to have it totally in hand.

BracketRankPointsCorrect GamesUpset Risk %Tiebreaker Total Points (diff)Possible Games
Jeff Charleston11274616.7157 (14)46
Bennett Johnsen2126479.5150 (7)47
Keith Ehlers31154416.7188 (45)44
Kevin Clary #241154213.8176 (33)42
Warren Meyer #251154121.4125 (18)41
Kelly McLean6114476.0135 (8)47
Kevin Clary71134213.7174 (31)42
Aj Dote8112422.5145 (2)42
Steve Jones91094511.4157 (14)45
Tom Kirkendall10108455.2142 (1)45

The whole thing here.

Congrats to Jeff, and he can send me an email if he would like a free copy of either of my books.  And no, Bennett doesn't win 2 copies for being in second. 

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  1. Jeff Charleston:

    I sent you an e-mail...