Up and Coming Writers of Science Fiction and Fantasy

One of the things I like about John Scalzi, other than the fact his books rock, is that he goes out of his way to promote other up-and-coming writers.  His series in December called "a Month of Writers" has pounded my Amazon bill and filled up my "to be read" shelf.  He indexes the entire series here.

  • Sol

    These are by no means all up-and-coming writers; Brust, in particular, has been steadily publishing books since 1984 or so, and has IMO the best long-running fantasy series ever. Ellen Kushner's been around a long time as well, though she's quite slow to write -- maybe five books in the last 20 years. All of them are awesome.

    Elizabeth Bear is definitely up-and-coming, though she's already got twice as many books out as Kushner does. I've got about 40 pages to go in the one Scalzi highlights, and it's been a fantastic read so far. This one is very much in that old Roger Zelazny mode where super-high tech blurs the line between fantasy and science fiction.

  • TCO

    His books suck. At least OMW did. Couldn't get past the silly farting crap at the beginning. And his blog shows him to be a nice guy, but basically an NPR middlebrow. And the whole wannabe, neopro writer collective pole-smoking gets very old.