Its Down to Skunk or Rob

To win in the Coyote Blog bracket pool.

BracketRankPointsCorrect GamesUpset Risk %Possible Games
Lincoln Beachey11034916.349
Rob Nieweg21025014.151
Jeff Haught31014527.045
Michael Lindsey41004718.647
Thomas Roeschlein6984811.749
Zak Barron7984418.844
Joe Sandusky8954813.549
Darren Munford9954615.147
Michael Gunter10954214.343

The others get passed because they don't have the right teams in the finals, despite a lot of good picks to date.  They chose...poorly.  Full disclosure, I am in 44th, but I vault up to 27th with a Florida win.  Go Gators.

I know it has become a cliche to point it out, but I am still amazed we can go through a whole season and a whole bracket of 65 and get down to the same two teams who were in the football championship game.