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President Bush's call for Katrina spending to be offset by budget cuts has spurred a blogosphere effort to identify local pork urge Congress to cut the pork.  I am 98% behind this effort (the missing 2% being that the effort is spurred by a desire to spend the money somewhere else, rather than sending it back to taxpayers where it belongs).  Glenn Reynolds post that got the ball rolling is here.  His followup posts are here and here.  I will note the irony that I recently compared Don Young (of Alaska bridge to nowhere fame) to Huey Long (of multiple bridges to nowhere fame), given that we are looking to cut Don Young's pork to help Huey Long's old stomping ground.


Edward at Zonitics has already identified one of the most visible chunks of AZ pork, that is our earmarks in the recent highway bill.  These include nearly five million for a couple of pedestrian bridges, plus hundreds of millions for a rail system to run empty trains to compete with our empty buses.  Why does the rest of the country need to pay for Phoenix's growth?  Heck, we just took the money the feds saved us on this junk and spent it subsidizing a stadium for the Cardinals, for god's sakes.   I will note that of the mere 8 people who voted against the highway bill, 2 were from Arizona, including my 3rd district Congressman John Shadegg and libertarian Jeff Flake.  Flake, consistent with his libertarian principles (or in retribution for them?) represents the only district in the country without an earmark in the highway bill.

So, to push the ball forward, I will add another bit of Arizona pork.  I wanted to include some items form the energy bill, but I can't find a state by state impact.  But I can find, thanks to the environmental working group, a nice summary of farm subsidies to Arizona.  Here is a summary for the most recent year they have data:

(click for top recipients, payment concentration and regional rankings)
Number of Recipients
Subsidy Total
1 Cotton Subsidies 1,339 $103,125,972
2 Subtotal, Disaster Payments 1,966 $11,915,428
3 Env. Quality Incentive Program 254 $5,619,853
4 Wheat Subsidies 1,018 $5,192,003
5 Dairy Program Subsidies 128 $4,925,610
6 Livestock Subsidies 1,460 $3,050,869
7 Corn Subsidies 514 $1,500,291
8 Barley Subsidies 729 $660,236
9 Apple Subsidies 17 $271,523
10 Wool Subsidies 1,219 $259,616

And here is the same data but cut by recipient, with just the top 20 included:

1Colorado River Indian Tribes FarmParker, AZ 85344$2,102,881
2Ak-chin FarmsMaricopa, AZ 85239$1,499,278
3Gila River FarmsSacaton, AZ 85247$1,406,582
4Catron Cotton CoTonopah, AZ 85354$1,156,539
5Tohono O'odham Farming AuthorityEloy, AZ 85231$1,078,480
6BiaSacaton, AZ 85247$1,064,062
7Eagle Tail Farming PartnershipBuckeye, AZ 85326$1,045,584
8Tempe Farming CompanyMaricopa, AZ 85239$947,811
9Fort Mojave TribeMohave Valley, AZ 86446$938,843
10P R P FarmsBuckeye, AZ 85326$899,098
11G P A Management GroupTempe, AZ 85284$893,672
12Gin Ranch 94Buckeye, AZ 85326$889,764
13H Four Farms IIIBuckeye, AZ 85326$863,086
14Brooks FarmsGoodyear, AZ 85338$861,762
15Green Acres FarmsBuckeye, AZ 85326$812,583
16Martori Family Gen PtnScottsdale, AZ 85260$788,150
17Falfa Farms 95Queen Creek, AZ 85242$779,426
18Associated Farming 92Laveen, AZ 85339$749,947
19A Tumbling T Ranches 95Goodyear, AZ 85338$709,455
20Rogers Brothers Farms PtnshpLaveen, AZ 85339$706,305

I don't know all these folks, but I can say that all of the first three have extremely profitable casinos they operate.

I am writing my letter now to the my Congressman and Senators, and will post a copy as an update when I am done.  The ubiquitous NZ Bear has a data base he is building of pork identified.

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  1. Thomas Galvin:

    The link to your blog from NZ Bear doesn't work. Maybe you should inform him.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. BridgetB:

    As an aside cutting Cotton Subsidies would also go a long way to reducing the load on the already overused water supply in Tuscon and the other very dry areas of AZ. Cotton is the biggest user of water, as cash crops go. Why is is grown in such abundance in an arid land with a limited water supply?

    Cut the PORK!

  3. Porkopolis:

    I've been tracking Ohio Pork as well:

    I've put together a spreadsheet of 5,091 earmarks (all 50 States) as part of the analysis of the Highway Bill with respect to Ohio's pork.

    Spreadsheet (in zip format): detailing $14,823,809,666 in earmarks can be found at: